FELIPE BARON was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. After he graduated from high school in Bogotá, he moved to the United States to continue his academic life at Berklee College of Music, where he studied contemporary writing and production and jazz composition. 


Music always made him found the positive side of life. According to Felipe, music is a friend that listens what he needs to say and a tool with no languages or social barriers. For these reasons, music is a tactic to explore cultures and search new territories for his creativity. Always looking for a way to understand and blend a variety of genres of the world in a new and exciting style, Felipe has displayed his versatility as a gifted composer and musician. As an example, he arranged the Nacho Gonzales “Illegal Grooves” for a big band format. The piece premiered at the renowned Lincoln Center in New York, performed by the Manhattan School of Music and led by Bobby Sanabria. This single was included in the Premios Graffiti Award-nominated album “Illegal Grooves”. 


Furthermore, Felipe Baron’s work has achieved significant publicity both in the Unites States and across the globe. His full orchestral arrangement of “The Prayer” was performed for audiences around the world as part of Berklee’s international touring ensemble. He also was part the Divas Latinas concert at Berklee’s Main Stage, a tribute to the most influential pop and pop-rock female Hispanic singers and their positive impact in Latin America, including Shakira, Laura Pausini, Natalia Lafourcade, Ana Torroja. Because of its cultural importance showing Berklee as a leader in education and performance diversity, only the best arrangers are invited to take part. Recently he worked with an award winner composer Yuval Ron, the flamenco guitarist José Tanaka and the percussionist Joey Heredia known for his collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Dianne Reeves, Roger Waters, Sheila E, Sergio Méndez, Herb Alpert, Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale.


Currently he is working in different projects that will come out soon. His last single is: Cántale, a piece in Spanish that sings to an imagined society able to leave behind a violent past. 

"With only 24 years old, Felipe Baron has already traveled an important path in the music scene. His love for sounds and early vocation, took him since he was 10 years old, where he has had a deep approach to jazz and classical, without neglecting his love for Colombian music and its exponents ... "

                                                             - El Tiempo


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